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ICM Capital Launch Brand New Website for Arabic Forex Traders

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ICM Capital – 100 USD No-deposit bonus - Forex Brokers Portal

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What is your forex broker?

For those currently do forex trading
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I got banned from r/Forex

I got banned from Forex for linking to a post here, and for being an IB (affiliate) for IC Markets.
I want to be really upfront about this, if you join IC Markets using my affiliate link, I do get paid for that. This costs you nothing, IC Markets would keep that commission, or if you Googled and joined, someone else would be paid it.
I IB for IC Markets because I trade there, I think they are the best. I could be paid 500% more (no exaggeration) to IB for a shitty broker, I choose the one that pays me the minimum, because it is the best broker.

It seems not everyone sees things as I, but I think it is perfectly fair if I put you onto a better broker and you then have more chance to make money that I get paid for that. If I sign you up to ICM, I honestly do think I am hooking you up; I will only send you there and get you to prove that for yourself.
Also, because I made some money from IB commissions, it means I can give a lot more of my time freely to help people. For me to create all this content for you, answers the many inbox messages I get, reply to comments, set up things that I hope benefit you take a lot of time. I make it so I can give you my time, without it costing you (actually, with it benefiting you).
If anyone finds anything unfair abut this, please can you speak up and let me know. Some people seem to think IB are slimy and shady people. I am willing to answer any point or question to show you I am acting with the best of intentions. If you have any preconceptions or prejudices about this, I will not be offended, please raise them here so we can talk about them and get to the truth of that.
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Open Letter to the Sceptical

Edit: For those who down-vote but do not debate.


I want to cover points made in a recent post. You can see full here.

It raises the points that I think people who have a gripe with what I am doing are feeling. I want to openly, and cordially, discuss/debate these points. With the OP, or anyone else of their thinking.
Lies hide in darkness. I am here to talk in the light, baby.
I have messaged the OP to invite them here. Let's talk. We might just both be on the same side.
(Edit: The OP has declined to opportunity to further discuss this matter).

Ask questions. Do not make assumptions. The truth will out.

I will go through this comment in sections, but here it is in it’s entirety so you can see nothing is quoted out of context.


This is not about /Forex, it is about prejudice. forex is old news for me now.

I am not. I could cite so many examples to show I am not. If you go to the MQL5 site, you will find thousands of people telling you they have a way to make money in Forex and telling you how you can use it. None of these people are purporting to be financial advisors, nor required to be so. Start going to the websites of anywhere offering Forex tools or tips, scroll to the bottom of the page and read the risk disclaimer.
This is something that is clearly stated in ForexCopy. It is a bread and butter thing in this industry. 100,000s of thousands of services do what I am doing (and charge). Anyone who cares to know, can go and verify the things I have said. Everything is provided for educational purposes only. I do not know anyone well enough to make any sort of suggestions as to what they should do with their personal money. I am saying what I am doing … you do you.


Okay. I did update the FX Blue, though. Didn’t I? I showed the results. Everyone can see the results, everyone has fair information to make their choice on that. User set risk settings. I can blow my account without copiers doing so, if they choose. Anyone can clearly prevent ultra-high risk trading with these settings, and this account shows them why that could be worth doing.

I tell people to trade with IC Markets because they are the best. Tell me a better broker if you disagree. Let’s do a proper comparison. If that broker is better, I will duly adjust the broker I say is the best to trade with.

It does matter. If they were to lose with trading 0.1 lots, for example, I would make maybe $0.20 from each person. $20 per a hundred. Sometimes we should not ask questions in case we get the answers to them, but do I really seem like I could not work out a way to make this sort of money not fucking anyone over? It’s not a bank job.
However, if they win … and maybe even if they read all my posts in here and get some trader knows, they will have a bankroll in IC markets, know how to conserve and increase that and keep trading. In which case … this is awesome for me. This is my win. This is my payout end game. I am doing this to help people, if I do it right; that is how I benefit. It does matter if they win or lose if my main concern is making money. I stop making money if they lose. Then there is ethics, but we are talking only things that individuals can personally logic check, so fuck it, let’s just say I am a prick. Still matters. Matters muchy.
On a side note, I have explained the strategy fully. So if I was to "commission whore" by opening and closing trades just for the sake of it, this would be quickly obvious. I post analysis and reasoning for all my trades. I post the risk taken in the trade. https://www.reddit.com/Forexnoobs/comments/acggwp/trading_journal_for_medium_risk_single_shot_copy/
If I do things that are conflicts of interest, or show lack of care for clients funds; these things will be seen. Clearly seen. I have provided all the data. People can log directly into the trading account. There is no-where to hide sneakiness. I designed it this way.

Name a deception or case of dishonesty. My losses are posted publicly. My affiliation clearly disclosed, and you are literally only basing deception on the idea you think I am flippant about them losing money. Which is unfounded.

If I was selfish and greedy, I would do this and I’d do it with a broker paying me 500% more. Want to test this? Go to brokers websites and start emailing them and asking them what they pay their IBs. Find out how greedy I am being. I know all my options.
If I am only manipulating naive people, I can sign them up to a terrible broker the same as a good one? Why would I take this big cut in my profit margin? Especially if I didn’t care of they lost and wanted the most upfront?
This does not actually make sense. Why would I not do it in a model where I could place their trades so I could trade bigger lots? Why would I let them control that? I certainly know how to do that. It would be more profitable for me. This is the least profitable way this can be done. I am not even forcing people to join ICM. Terribly inefficient brutal capitalism.

I do not want ignorant followers. I do not even want followers. I want a crowd of thinkers. Let’s think. Be rational. Have healthy scepticism without corrosive cynicism. I post everything. All my trades. Why I take them. How I developed the strategies. If people are ignorant, I hope they leave. I want people who are observant, and make use of the things I take the time to do for them.

My only advice to people is to think for themselves. Do their own diligence and make prudent and conscious decisions.


Unless anyone can raise any unique points , backed up with facts, logic and common sense, I think I've now said everything I have to say on this.

From here, I talk with results. I invite anyone else to do so also. They are the only thing that matter.

And with music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBjQ9tuuTJQ&list=RDZT9CZ4QbdCU&index=27

From now on, if people talk without actually using any logic or facts to back up what they are saying, since it will appear to me you have neglected to come up with an actual original idea, I will just respond to that by posting song lyrics. I consider them to be equally valuable.

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ICM trading forex saham and gold ICMCapital - YouTube CURSO BASICO DE FOREX ICM LATAM

ICM Brokers does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information, forecasts, analysis or recommendations that may be available on this web site and therefore shall not be liable for any loss arising from investments based on information herein contained.Any information and service provided by www.icmbrokers.com is not intended for financial trading in the US or to solicit ... ICM Kapital ist ein britischer Forex- und CFD-Broker, der neue Kunden mit einem Ersteinzahlungsbonus von 10% und einem Demowettbewerb mit $2000 Preispool begrüßt. Die Mindesteinlage-Anforderung ist $1, der Höchstleverage - 1:400, und die Mindestlotgröße - Mikrolot. Es ist nicht schwer zu erkennen, dass dies ein sehr guter Broker für Anfänger ist, die testen wollen, ohne dass Sie eine ... ICM Capital, a UK headquartered FCA regulated online Forex, commodity and CFD trading firm offering 24 hour access to a diverse range of trading products including currencies, gold, silver, oil and US stocks. IC Markets is the online Forex CFD provider of choice for high volume traders, scalpers and robots. 01. Spreads from. 0.0 pips. IC Markets EURUSD Avg spread of 0.1 is one of the best in the world** Raw spreads means really from 0.0 pips* Our diverse and proprietary liquidity mix keeps spreads tight 24/5. 02. Fast Order . Execution. Average execution speeds of under 40ms*** Low latency fibre ... 14 March 2019 The forex expo Dubai 2019 Location: Jumairah emirates towers. 27 nd - 28 th April 2019 Go from Egypt 2019 Location: Helnan Landmark new Cairo. 22 nd - 24 th May 2018 ICM Seminar Location: Jordan, Amman. Economic Calendar . GMT+1. Event. Imp. Actual. Forecast. Previous. Online Quotes. Forex Indices Commodities US Stocks. Awards. Connect With Us. Subscribe. Subscribe now to receive ... Why Trade Forex with ICM Capital? ICM Capital offers more than 60 currency pairs including, major FX currency pairs, minor FX currency pairs, FX crosses, and exotic FX currency pairs. Our advanced platforms use the ECN/STP model to provide you with direct access to Forex markets and give you the opportunity to trade Forex with tight spreads, fast execution, and deep liquidity, and to offer you ... ICM Capital, a UK headquartered FCA regulated online Forex, commodity and CFD trading firm offering 24 hour access to a diverse range of trading products including currencies, gold, silver, oil and US stocks.

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ICM trading forex saham and gold

ICM Brokers Review 2020 - is icmbrokers scam or good forex broker? ICM Brokers is a financial institution specializing in online execution and clearing servi... ICMCapital - YouTube. ICM.com is a UK-based global multi-regulated financial service provider offering access to a diverse range of trading products including: forex, commodities,... Earn forex: strategy arbitrage ICM Capital profit +3849%, +216% for 4 days - Duration: 4:14. Arbitrage Forex Software 11,678 views Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Una explicación breve del funcionamiento del mercado de Divisas (FOREX), de manera transparente y real.